Cher Records "THE GREATEST THING" Song for Lady Gaga's Upcoming Album

We have good and exciting news for all the music lovers. Television, Music, Film star- multi talented Cher has recorded "The Greatest Thing" a song by Lady Gaga and RedOne for Lady Gaga's upcoming Album.

Cher flash the news from her twitter account. She tweeted about her collaboration with Pop Icon Lady Gaga.
Cher tweeted "Just walked in from studio! Finished 1st track on new cd &......."GAGA" YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME."

Also multi talented Cher clarified that the song is not duet, and that Gaga had given to her the song as a gift. For this lovely gift Cher will be always greatful to Gaga.

The song, Cher and Gaga will sing together was actually written by Lady Gaga. She was unable to squeeze it onto any of her albums and thought Cher could do it some justice. Cher is in the process of recording another album.

Check out Lady Gaga's "The Greatest Thing" Unreleased song demo NOW-

Now wait for the Original Music Video to be release.


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