Selena Gomez Enjoys a Butterbeer at Harry Potter World With Girlfriends

Today, Selena Gomez spent some quality time on twitter with her girls at Harry Potter World in Orlando, Fla., where the group of friends knocked back a round of butterbeers.

Selena Gomez’s surprise to, Justin Bieber gave Soulja Boy one of his best 21st birthday gifts. But no, we are not talking about the private chopper the rapper bought himself.

Sometimes the simplest things give us the most joy in life! Demi Lovato pulled an all-nighter at the studio and Josh Groban had a mid-day snack on something creepy crawly. Pharrell Williams called out the person, who so kindly stole his namesake on Twitter, and Gwyneth Paltrow griped about not being able to get an advanced copy of Coldplay’s new album.


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