Best 4 Features of Latest "Windows 8" and Release Date

The next generation of Windows - "Microsoft Windows 8" is release on: 2012 with its more attractive features. Windows 7 is cool O.S - Microsoft has made in over years. My hope that Windows 8 will be “the same, only better”.

Everyone  is waiting for the release of Windows 8 just because of its features. Best 4 features of Microsoft "Windows 8" is listed below:

1. Less Boot Time:-

Windows 8 Logo
The most important feature of Windows 8 is its Less Boot Time. Boot in less than 13 seconds.

2. Better Interface and Colors Customization:-

"Windows 8" has better and improved Colors Customization than Microsoft Windows 7.

3. Better Security and Automatic Maintenance:-

Microsoft "Windows 8" comes with a new feature “Automatic Maintenance” which automatically defrag your hard disks and it has better security technology to protect your system.

4. Windows Time Machine:-

With this new feature, now you can get back your deleted files or modified files. No need to use a third-party tool for these tasks. It gives you “Restore Previous Versions” option. This is same as Apple’s Time Machine in Mac OS X.


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