Cellphones don't 'Cause Cancer'

Cellphones don't cause cancer, says a new study, published in the British Medical Journal, thus putting an end to the debate over whether mobile devices harm people.

In there study, described as the largest on the subject to date, Danis researchers have found there is no link between the long-term use of a mobile phone and getting brain cancer.

The researchers at Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in copenhagen looked at 358,000 people over a period of 18 years and found cancer rates were almost the same in both long-term mobile phone users and people who do not use the handsets.

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They concluded that using cell phones does not lead to tumours of the brain or nervous system or, indeed, any cancer.

In this topic Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation warned that mobile phones may cause cancer.


  1. Great research suggests that there is no link between the long-term use of a mobile phone and brain cancer but the world's too god-damn paranoid: in reality, everything causes cancer because cancer is caused within you. You can't avoid it, you really can't accelerate it or encourage it to pick you, it just happens. Get over it, and live on with your lives.

  2. @cash for phone: I totally agree with you. Thanks for drop-by=)


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